AST Pet Support Suit

AST Get-a-Grip Harness

AST Get-a-Grip Harnesses and Pet Support Suits are designed to be put on a dog that can’t stand on its own. Our unique design wraps around and clips into place, so there is no need to thread your dog’s head or legs through loops of strap. Both Grips and Suits provide unbeatable support and control, as well as unrivaled quality and craftsmanship. We use only high quality materials, and we overbuild our Grips and Suits to provide you and your dog with durable, comfortable, full-body support. AST: We make the harness you’ve been looking for.

Returns and Exchanges

Get-a-Grip Harness - Returns


No Returns will be accepted without prior authorization.


If your pet no longer needs the harness at the time of delivery, please notify us immediately and return the Harness to us for a refund of the purchase price (not including shipping) minus a restocking fee of $35.00. Returned Harnesses must be received in new condition within 5 working days of delivery. Buyer pays all shipping charges.


Harnesses that have been put on a dog cannot be returned. There are no exceptions. If we receive a used harness we will donate it to an animal rescue group in our area, and no refund will be issued.


If you have any questions, please contact us so we can try to help you and your dog get the most out of your Get-a-Grip Harness.

Pet Support Suit  -  Exchanges Only


Because all AST Pet Support Suits are custom made, there are no returns.


Please measure your dog carefully to be sure that you get accurate measurements. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so take a little extra time to be sure of your dog’s dimensions; it may save you from ever needing to worry about our Exchange Policy, below.


             TIP! You can place clear plastic wrap or an old towel or pillowcase between your pet and the AST Support Suit for the first fitting. This can reduce the hair and smell transferred to the Suit in the event that it needs to be exchanged.


             Please notify us Immediately if you feel you desire an exchange. Exchanged Suits must be Completely Clean, and Odorless and returned in as close to new condition as possible. The Buyer must pay all shipping charges. We will be unable to issue an exchange for Support Suits that appear used, dirty or smelly. Suits in this condition will be donated to an animal rescue group in our area and no credit will be issued. We will wait for the exchanged suit to be returned to us prior to shipping the replacement. There is a $60.00 fee on all Exchanged Suits.

Attach the handles to the four suspension points and you are ready to help your dog. These handles are adjustable and can be used to lift a dog by yourself, or lift a dog as a team, with one person on each side. The AST Support Suit provides a way for you to help your disabled or aging dog get up and outside, and there is no better way to move a large breed dog. If you need to lift and assist a very large dog, this is the giant breed harness for you. We custom build each one to fit your dog's individual body shape for unbeatable support and control.Get a Grip on your dog with Animal Suspension Technology's new Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness. The Get-a-Grip lift harness is designed to snap on around the dogs head and forelegs, so, like the AST Pet Support Suit, there is no need to feed your dog through loops of strap.  Get a Grip dog harnesses are excellent canine mobility aids and make a great dog first aid harness - Put one in your first aid kit or take a Get-a-Grip along while hiking with your dog. If you want extra control over your dog while traveling, go with AST and Get-a-Grip! Veterinarians, canine rescue workers, humane societies and dog boarders and groomers can all use the Get-a-Grip. The broad range of fit makes it a great choice for anyone that needs to move a dog, active or injured.

We want the product you purchase to be the right one for your pet. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can try to help you and your dog get the most out of your AST Get-a-Grip Harness or Pet Support Suit.

AST Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harnesses and Pet Support Suits are Made in the USA - Patent Pending.

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