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     The AST Get-a-Grip Harness:


             ▪Broad range of fit

             ▪Wrap around design

             ▪Adjustable straps

             ▪Secure fit

             ▪Durable - Built to last

             ▪Sturdy attached handles

AST Get-a-Grip Harness Small   $109.00


Chest: 22” - 27” (56cm - 68cm)

Body Length 8”  (20cm)

Color: Black


Includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail

AST Get-a-Grip Harness Medium    $114.00


Chest: 27” - 34” (68cm - 86cm)

Body Length 11”  (28cm)

Color: Green


Includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail

AST Get-a-Grip Harness Large    $119.00


Chest: 34” - 42” (86cm -106cm)

Body Length 13”  (33cm)

Color: Blue


Large Get-a-Grip harnesses have four individual loop handles and are designed to be used by two or more people.


Includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail

Get-a-Grip Harnesses and Custom Pet Support Suits from AST

The AST Get-a-Grip Harness for dogs will help you lift an old dog into a car or guide a blind dog.The Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness wraps around the dog's torso, providing even lift of the whole body. If you need to lift a large dog into a vehicle or move a dog up a dog ramp, Get-a-Grip! The AST Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness is an ideal first aid harness for dogs, as well as a heavy duty harness for dogs in general. If you need to lift and assist your dog, Get-a-Grip!

Just a couple of quick measurements will let you determine which size Get-a-Grip Harness will best fit your dog.

AST Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harnesses come in three sizes and fit most dogs. Each size Get a Grip has a different body length. The Small Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness is eight inches long, the Medium Get a Grip is eleven inches long and the Large Get-a-Grip Lift Harness is thirteen inches long. Body length is measured from just in front of the dog’s rear leg to just behind the front leg, along the side of the dog. To select the right size Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness for your dog, measure your dog around the torso, just behind the dogs front legs. If your dog is very hairy, wrap a pillowcase around its body - this will compact the hair much as the harness will and will allow you to more accurately measure your dog. Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harnesses are built with a broad range of adjustment to fit dogs of many sizes and provide unbeatable lift and support for dogs that need help walking. Get a Grip on your dog, or give one to a friend.The Medium size Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness from Animal Suspension Technology comes in green, has attached handles made of heavy-duty 1.5 inch strap and fits dogs with a chest from 27 to 34 inches. The body length of the medium Get a Grip is eleven inches. Veterinary hospitals, animal emergency clinics and others regularly find themselves in need of a way to move an injured or weak dog - They need to Get-a-Grip! The easy to use wrap around design and broad range of fit make the Get-a-Grip lift Harness the clear choice for professionals and pet owners alike.Animal Suspension Technology's Get a Grip Dog lift Harness comes in three sizes. The small size get-a-Grip Dog Harness comes in black, has attached handles and fits dogs with a chest 22 inches to 27 inches around. The body length is eight inches. Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harnesses are an ideal way to move a dog in an emergency or medical situation, and provide exceptional support and control for active dogs when training or hiking. The Get a Grip Harness makes a great addition to a first aid kit, and it is also a wonderful gift - a must have for anyone that has a dog.Animal Suspension Technology's Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness is a heavy duty harness for dogs and is designed and overbuilt to help you move a dog inside or out, upstairs or down. If you have a large breed dog, consider the Large Get-a-Grip Dog Harness. The Large Get a Grip comes in Blue and fits dogs with a chest circumference of 34 to 42 inches. The body length of the Large Get-a-Grip is thirteen inches. The Large Get-a-Grip Harness is built for moving very large dogs and is made to be used by two or more people. It has four loop handles, two at the front and two at the rear of the harness, to allow even a very large dog to be carried stretcher style from a car to an examination table, or anywhere else it needs to go.

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WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! For just a few dollars more.

Please email us if you are ordering from outside the US.



We also offer a

Set of Adjustable

Clip-on Handles,

plus our attachable

Over-the-Shoulder Strap,

both shown “in use”

with one of our

custom Support Suits.

Adjustable Clip-on Handles


1” Poly Strap, Nickel Plated Clips

Range: 19” - 30” (48cm - 76cm)

Includes Handle Pad




Price includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail

Get a Grip dog harnesses are excellent canine mobility aids and make a great dog first aid harness - Put one in your first aid kit or take a Get-a-Grip along while hiking with your dog. If you want extra control over your dog while traveling, go with AST and Get-a-Grip! Veterinarians, canine rescue workers, humane societies, dog boarders and groomers can all use the Get-a-Grip. The broad range of fit makes it a great choice for anyone that needs to move a dog, active or injured. And the optional Shoulder Strap, shown here with the Pet Support Suit, provides another way for you to help your pet.

Over-the-Shoulder Strap


1½” Poly Strap, Nickel Plated Clips

Range: 49” - 89” (1.25m - 2.25m)




Price includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail

Attach the handles to the four suspension points and you are ready to help your dog. These handles are adjustable and can be used to lift a dog by yourself, or lift a dog as a team, with one person on each side. Heavy-duty, nickel-plated clips and ultra-stong poly strap make these handles strong enough to holp up to any dog.Our Over-the-Shoulder-Strap is an option for those with very large dogs to move. It is adjustable and attaches with the same nickel-plated clips we use for our handles, with a wider, one and a half inch strap. It is designed to help spread your dog's weight to your shoulder, much like the shoulder strap on a duffel bag or large piece of luggage.

Need Even More Support? Check out our custom made AST Pet Support Suit.

Dogs in Suits - We've put our AST Pet Support Suit on hundreds of dogs of all different shapes and sizes, with all kinds of reasons for wearing a suit. Some are dogs with long term medical issues, others are older dogs that need help up stairs or into cars. Some dogs are blind or have balance problems, and still others are active dogs, with owners that take them hiking and boating. There are service dogs, therapy dogs - all kinds of dogs can be found in an AST Pet Support Suit. If you need a heavy duty harness for dogs or if you have been searching for a giant breed dog harness, stop searching and order an AST Support Suit or Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness.The AST Pet Support Suit provides lift and aid for dogs with problems walking. The AST Pet Support Suit was designed as a disabled dog harness and is a great way to help a dog walk, help guide a blind dog or lift an old dog into a car. The Suit also makes a great post-surgery dog support sling because it provides strong, secure lift by wrapping around the dog and fitting snugly. In addition to being a great way to help a dog walk, help a dog into a car or provide lift and aid for dogs, the AST Pet Support Suit helps provide disabled dog owners a way to control their dog more completely than with a normal collar or chest harness. And because we build each one to your dog's measurements, you can count on a great fit, whether you have a two and a half pound chihuahua or a 240 lb mastiff!The uniquely scalable design of the AST Pet Support Suit allows us to adapt it to fit almost any animal without a dorsal fin. For that, we have our Get-a-Grip Harness!

The AST Pet Support Suit


▪Wrap-Around Design

▪Additional Velcro® Closure

▪Adjustable Straps

▪No-Slip Fit

▪Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction

▪Choice of Color

▪Adjustable, Detachable Handles


▪Optional Shoulder Strap

▪Unbeatable Support and Control



Custom Built to your dog’s   measurements

AST Get-a-Grip Harnesses and custom Pet Support Suits provide unbeatable support and control for pets of all shapes and sizes.


Toy Poodle?

English Mastiff?

Pot-Bellied Pig?

Yeah, we can fit that!



“Zoey is now 130 lbs. I didn't know how we were going to get her down the stairs to take her to the vet every 8 weeks for her hoof trimming.  I asked my vet for any suggestions and she referred me to your website to search out a harness.  So I took Zoey's measurements, ordered her red suit from you, and here we are in our new home 4 months later, and the harness as you can see  works beautifully.  My husband and I each grab a handle and down the stairs Zoey goes.

Thank you so much for your help and this beautiful, perfectly fitting harness.  We are truly grateful!”


Debbie Szenda & Family

There is no need to thread your dog’s head or legs through loops of strap! Both the Pet Support Suit and Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness are easy to put on and take off, even if your dog can’t stand up on its own. The Support Suit wraps around the dog and Velcro holds it in place, the girth straps clip on, then the shoulder straps and Bridge strap. Attach the handles and you’re off– just Wrap, Snap and Go! Once your dog has worn the suit a few times and you’ve made the initial strap adjustments to get the desired fit, it really is that easy. And taking it off is even easier– simply release the five clips and peel the Velcro and the suit is off in seconds flat!
 This design eliminates the difficulties encountered when using many other types of dog support harnesses. If you have an arthritic dog or if your dog has had surgery, you might not want to bend him around too much to put a harness on; the AST Support Suit solves that problem.



“Here's a picture of our English Mastiff, Balzac, in the support suit after his recent knee surgery.  It works great allowing me to control his movement and direction.  That control is critical because he weighs 240 pounds and has no idea how strong he is.  I would recommend the support suit to anyone whose dog has had knee surgery - it's much better than the conventional sling approach.  Thanks again.”


Bob & Debbie Estey, and Balzac

AST Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harnesses and Pet Support Suits are Made in the USA - Patent Pending.

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AST Get-a-Grip Harness



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AST Get-a-Grip Harness



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